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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We have always given every happy couple all of their photos on a disc, together with the rights to print them as often and as big as they like. As well as all the photos they also received a digital folder of around 50 favourites, which are the photos we picked out as being the best shots of the day. These are all edited into a vintage or black and white style to make them even more spectacular.

In most cases, couples would use the photos to design their own photobook or to print their own album. Quite often they would choose one photo to print many times and use as a thank you card for their guests.

We never went the route of producing expensive albums as this wasn't the kind of thing that our couples were looking for. However, we have found recently that we are getting enquiries and requests from couples looking for not only a digital copy of all their photos, but also a high end wedding album.

So we are happy to announce that we are now an authorised professional partner of Queensberry - not just any wedding album printer, but the best in the business! And we can't wait to see our beautiful photos in print in one of their gorgeous leather bound albums and printed using the highest quality equipment and materials.

For more information please get in touch using the details on our Contact Page.

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