Imagine a wedding photographer that gives you the copyright to all of your photos

Thursday, May 9, 2013

That's exactly what we do for every couple we photograph.
We always give our couples every single photo we take, in the highest quality, with the full printing rights, so that they can print their wedding photos as often and as big as they like. It's really important that they are not limited to 50 or 100 photos, as otherwise you are really limiting the amount of images you can have to remember your special day.

We usually take between 150-200 photos per hour, so most couples end up with between 600 and 1200 photos, depending on how long we are there on the day. Having so many photos really helps them to relive the special day and treasure all those different moments - whether it is a natural shot of the bride sharing a story with grandma, checking the best man still has the rings, or posing with family and friends, you have them all!

And the real beauty is that they have every single photo in the highest quality, so they can print 100s of thank you cards for their guests, or canvasses for the living room and other rooms of the house, photobooks, albums or even simple prints, they can even upload all the photos to Facebook if they want - the options are endless.

So how many hours will you be there?
We know that every couple is different and the things you have planned on your special day and would like photographed are completely up to you, which is why we let you decide how long you want us there on the day. Basically, you pay by the hour, so you can cater it to fit your budget and also to fit the timings of your day, rather than being told you have to have one package or another.

We make sure that your big day is all about you and not us!

Jamie and Jackie McDine, Wiltshire Wedding Photography
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