A very busy 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's been a year since we last took the time to post on our blog, and what a year it has been! Time has just flown by as we've enjoyed watching (and photographing!) our baby boy grow into a toddler. And we have thoroughly enjoyed a very busy year of producing beautiful wedding photography and wedding videos. We've made several new friends along the way too, as for us a wedding isn't just about taking great photos, but being a friendly and happy face on the biggest day of your lives. We finally have a little time to catch up with the blog, and will in due course post a selection of testimonials from the happy couples we filmed and photographed in 2012. And we are currently working on the official website, to add plenty of images from this year also. In the meantime, we have been keeping up to date with images, posting one from each wedding on our Facebook page and a much wider selection from each wedding on our Flickr page. We photographed and filmed almost double the amount of weddings in 2012 compared to 2011, and are already into double figures for bookings in 2013. We love our job, and in particular weddings are a real highlight. Everyone is always so friendly and so happy, they are a joy to film and photograph. We are looking forward to capturing those special moments and special days on film and in images in 2013. Jamie and Jackie McDine, Wiltshire Wedding Photography

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