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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

We've been photographing weddings in Wiltshire, Bath and Somerset for 5 years now, and we have always given the happy couples all of their images on a disc - all in the highest quality and with full printing rights.  

Recently more and more couples have been asking us to produce a beautiful wedding album for them, for a number of reasons - our technical expertise, design skills, knowledge of them and their wedding photos, and in a lot of cases, where they simply haven't found time to make it themselves, or they've tried and couldn't get to grips with designing it.  If that's the case for you, we would be delighted to produce a beautiful wedding album for you.  

Over the past few years we have tried a number of photo albums from a wide variety of suppliers, testing the quality of product and service, with prices ranging from £20 right up to £500. 

When we decided to produce wedding albums for our customers, the choice was clear - we wanted a photo album that reflected the quality and style of our photography, the couples that we photograph, and to be excellent value for money. 

To keep things simple we only offer a top of the range photobook - as it's excellent quality, but without the very expensive pricetag of a leather bound photo album.  The price for our time to produce the album and for the luxury photobook delivered to your door is just £200.

Additional copies are available for only £100 each, so why not treat your parents to one at the same time?

Every page is printed on a very heavy weight 380gsm Photographic paper - so you get beautifully crisp printed photos on a strong page that will stand the test of being turned by yourselves, family and friends for years and years! It also has a perfect bound hardcover and layflat pages, so there is no creasing of pages in the middle - the pages lay perfectly flat allowing you to enjoy the entire photo, right to the edges (as shown below).

The photobook is 50 pages and you have a choice of two options - either a large square album of 30 x 30cm or an A4 album of 29 x 22cm.

The square album fits one image per page, with your photos being beautifully presented on a black background (below).

The A4 album is perfect for showing off your images across the full page, with a landscape photo filling a page, or two portrait photos placed side by side on a page (below).

If you'd like Jamie and Jackie to produce a beautiful wedding album for you, simply email or call us on 01373 472880 or 07891 316586.

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