Something Special - Wedding Mosaic

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We always give our wedding couples all of their photos on a disc, in the highest quality, together with the copyright to print them as often and as big as they like. So it means they can print giant canvasses for the living room wall, large prints to frame and give as Christmas presents, produce their own wedding album or photobook, and even use a photo to print their own thank you cards!

We also offer something a little bit special - a wedding mosaic.

After receiving their disc of photos, the happy couple choose an image they would like to be the main image and then we produce them a beautiful mosaic, made up of hundreds of photos from their special day!

The mosaics are a lovely way to remember all of your special day, and a little bit different to just a big picture of yourself. In fact, we personally love the wedding mosaic, as we actually came up with the idea when producing something special from our wedding photos for our living room wall, and here is ours!

For only £30 we produce a wedding mosaic and send it to you as a small version suitable for your computer desktop background or Facebook etc, and a large version suitable for printing a giant canvas!

If we have already photographed your wedding and you'd like a mosaic, please get in touch and we'd be happy to produce one for you in plenty of time for Christmas!

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  1. Each and every occasion and parties for weddings are special plus full of charm. My best friend enjoyed her brother's wedding a lot. It was a destination one at a sea side located event venues Chicago couple of months ago. Saw candid clicks taken by a professional photographer. Blue highlighted venue lighting were awesome. Wish I could have attended it.


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