No hanging around!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I remember when we got married this Summer, we were desperate to have the photos as soon as possible, so we could see how we looked, could email a picture to friends and family that weren't at the wedding, and could change our profile picture on Facebook! We were lucky, the photographer was a colleague and friend of ours, and we had our photos within a few weeks.

We know plenty of others that are not so lucky and have had to wait 3 months or more to see their photos, and when they did, they had a watermark of the photographers name across them so they couldn't print or use them.

I'm proud to say - we are very different.
With Wiltshire Wedding Photography there is no hanging around! We email you one of the best photos from your wedding day within 2 days, so that you can email it to friends and family, and upload it to Facebook etc. We also prioritise the editing and delivery of your photos, so that they are all edited and sent to you within 2 weeks! And we always give you all of the photos in the highest quality - there is no watermark or copyright on the images. We want you to be able to print your wedding photos as often and as big as you like, after all it's your big day, not ours!

Wedding videos before you return from honeymoon!
Exactly the same applies with the beautiful wedding videos we produce at Wiltshire Wedding Video. Our years of film production and project management experience means we guarantee professionalism, quality and delivery of your wedding video within 2 to 3 weeks. Typically the DVD copies of your wedding video will be in the letterbox when you return from honeymoon - the perfect way to relive the special day when you return from your time celebrating together. The more complex DVDs, programmed with lots of extra films from the big day take longer to edit and produce, but are typically with you in under 3 weeks.

So with Wiltshire Wedding Photography and Wiltshire Wedding Video you won't be hanging around to relive your wedding day!

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