Team Spirit - in print!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Following the fantastic exhibition at the Laverton Hall in Westbury, the Team Spirit community photography project officially ended today, with a final meet up of the photographers, each receiving a copy of the commemorative book printed to celebrate the project.

The photography project was led by Jackie McDine of Wiltshire Wedding Photography and was funded by V. The books were designed by Jackie and feature a personal profile of each project participant, together with their 3 best photos - and the soft back cover features the 'TEAM' and 'SPIRIT' group shots of all participants.

Thank you to all the participants, everyone who has helped us make this project happen, let us photograph their team or organisation, and those who came along to our exhibition.

We are currently putting together plans for a new photography project, that will be free to participate and inspire you to use your camera every day... so keep checking back!

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