Wedding at Wick Farm in Bath

Saturday, December 15, 2018

I met Rachel, David and their little daughter in Lacock at the end of April. We all enjoyed their shoot and got to know each other much better. So I was looking forward to document their wedding day this month. I felt extremely grateful that they chose me as their wedding photographer. It is always such an honour to be part of anyone's wedding day.

Rachel and David got married at the beautiful church in Coulston. And they held their reception at Wick Farm. They filled their whole day with beautiful details. You could really see how much effort they put into the celebration of their love. I am pleased to share a few favourites of mine from their big day with you today.

As a wedding photographer I feel that it is important for me to take lots of time to meet you before your big day. And then spend more time getting to know you during your engagement shoot. This means that on your wedding day, we will have spent time together to get to know each other better. So you will feel so much more comfortable with me documenting your wedding day!


  1. A beautiful place to get married. I went to my friend's wedding here this past weekend. This place is beautiful, one of the nicest locations for a wedding I've ever been. The ceremony at NYC wedding venues was very nice and felt very intimate.

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