Engagement Photoshoot

Friday, July 26, 2013

One of the latest US trends to arrive in Britain is an engagement shoot. They are a great way for couples to practice posing for the camera and to build up a friendship with us as photographers - as a result they are so much more relaxed on their wedding day and know just how to pose for the camera.

Most couples are not used to standing in front of a camera for a few minutes, let alone all day, so an engagement shoot is a great way for them to feel more comfortable about smiling for the camera and to see that with a professional behind the camera and a little direction they can look great in pictures!

In fact, most couples that we photograph tend to say that they have no photographs of them together, as one or both of them doesn't like having their picture taken. So with an engagement shoot this barrier is smashed immediately as they grow in confidence.

So what do we do on an engagement shoot? We take couples somewhere locally that means something to them as a couple and have an hours photoshoot. We guide them into different poses that they are comfortable with and explain why we setup certain shots in the way we do, so that when it comes to it on the big day they are naturals!

They also bring along props that say something about their personalities, whether it is a bunch of balloons, a picnic basket or some scrabble tiles! And as a result we have a whole host of great photos, which we edit and then send to the couple on a disc in the highest quality.

The photos make perfect wedding invitations, and look great printed large to display on the wedding day. They also make lovely presents as a thank you to your parents, and look great on the living room wall, as well as your Facebook profile picture!

Here a selection of photos from a couple of recent engagement shoots. We photographed the wedding of the first couple last weekend, so will show you a few of their wedding photos in the near future - needless to say they were fantastic in front of the camera thanks to their engagement shoot, and have become good friends!


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