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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

After a busy year of photographing beautiful weddings across Wiltshire, Bath, Somerset and South Gloucestershire, we thought it was about time we updated our website.

So we asked the followers on our Facebook page whether we should simply update the gallery on the old website design or go for a new and more stylish site. The result was very clear and we are happy to announce the new look website is now online!

There is a lot more content on the website, in particular a lot more photos. On every single page of the website you'll find a slideshow of around 15-20 photos, allowing us to show a large number of different weddings and different couples we have photographed, and give a lot more of a flavour of our style of photography.

However, even with all of those added pages we had to be very ruthless in the number of photos and weddings we could add, so there are plenty more to explore on our Flickr gallery.

So please explore the new Wiltshire Wedding Photography website at:

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