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Saturday, October 9, 2010

We've got to know lots of people and companies associated with weddings over the past year, what with our production of wedding videos, wedding photos, and getting married ourselves! And there are a few companies that we particular like, because they go the extra mile for a personal customer service and they keep their prices realistic. You can find them on our websites - they are a small handful of links.

The first we'd like to mention are Elite Formal Hire in Trowbridge. They really take care to make sure you are hiring the exact suit you want for your wedding day (and yes they also do fancy dress costumes if you'd prefer to go as Captain Jack Sparrow) and make sure everything fits perfectly and comfortably. They also double check everything when making the order, just to see if there is a cheaper alternative if hiring as a package, or individual items. Very nice people and we are happy to recommend them!
Check them out online: http://www.eliteformalhire.co.uk/

You can check the others out direct from our sites, and we'll be giving a bigger mention to each one soon!

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